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To make sure you're protected by the latest security updates, Google Chrome can automatically update when a new version of the browser is available on your device.

which sadly is being missed as this release has had the most going over and fixing of code than any release has had in likely a decade. Thanks to all the Developers and forum mods for the work over the years. It can't stop and I think maybe we should get some sort of petition going or something to ask that it go opensource. I´m proud of it, at least it feels like instead of slowly dissapearing with little sneezes once in a while, Winamp poeple decided to do a great final battery solo. So sad I got a shock when I received the email today.

d3x7r0: if only i could convert my plug-in development into a business that pays the bills... I've used Winamp on a daily basis since v1.x in the -90's and can't believe it's gonna die.

Update 02/13/2013: If you’re using Android 2.2 on a rooted device and having problem downloading incompatible apps, please try Market Helper First: this project is made for my personal needs, then I decide to publish it because I think some people may need it.

Winamp 5.666 Full (US English version) Winamp 5.666 Full (Multi-national installer) Winamp 5.666 Lite (basic 2.x-style mp3/cd player) ___________________________________________________________________________ More installers - Unpatched ___________________________________________________________________________ Winamp 5.666 * Improved: Added a Reset button to clear history in the Open/Add URL dialog * Improved: Added an option to disable the mouse wheel from altering the volume * Improved: Added more commandline switches (run: /?

) - Fixed incorrect style on Classic Skins options page - Fixed invalid app compat warning message due to "Ignore Free Library" - Fixed length not being read when set to read titles on load (5.64-specific) - Fixed loading a folder only language pack not having a localised skin - Fixed possible crash issue on the Vis prefs page (based on crash reports) - Fixed reported crash & selection issues with new vis & dsp prefs pages - Fixed saving to wrong extension for the Save As action in the Alt 3 Artwork tab - Fixed screen previews in setup dialog not showing for WAL files - Fixed some settings not being saved when Prefs dialog is still open on Winamp close - Fixed: Various issues with aero-peek and docking of freeform skins as an appbar - General 'exit' tweaks/speed-ups - High DPI & text scaling compatibility fixes for dialogs & library views (and JTFE) - Improved the "Invalid registration key" message and added a contact support link - Improved: Mass metadata editor from library now also available in Playlist Editor - Lang packs: Fixed temp files not being deleted; Exception crash fix - Loads of other minor tweaks/fixes/optimizations/refactoring/etc. this is sorta´ question like "Dr O will you stay here and keep answering noobs and idiots questions?

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A big thank you to all our users, former team members, beta testers, moderators, translators, skinners, plugin developers, preset & color theme designers, community members, everyone... Weird black pixels on corners of Bento & Modern skin notifier. _______________________________________________________________________________ (default value = 0) - [Winamp] Added no_video=1 support to for force disabling all video support/features/menus/prefs - [Winamp] Fallback to out_ds then out_wave if specified output plugin can't be found.

If no out_ds/wave present then show error msg and abort playback - [Winamp] Fixed bad 'Find more languages' link in Prefs - [Winamp] Fixed classic songticker not updating back to the current title (for short titles, or with auto-scroll disabled) - [Winamp] Ignore "ELEVATECREATEPROCESS" and "#" values for the "running in admin mode" checks - [Winamp/ml_local/pmp] Disable the Update button on Edit Metadata dialog until any changes are made - [gen_hotkeys] auto-resize the combobox widths of the hotkeys in config (helps with lengthier translations) - [gen_jumpex] JTFE v1.32 b1213 - Fixed search delay setting not being saved - [gen_jumpex] JTFE v1.32 b1214 - Added a few more string param checks to mirror winamp changes - [gen_jumpex] JTFE v1.32 b1215 - Disabled skinned mode on lite / non-ml setups to quickly deal with reported skinning issues - [gen_ml/ml_*] Fixed ml play & enqueue actions not showing the correct default action on different menus - [gen_tray] Fixed bad 'Get icon packs' link in Prefs - [gif.w5s] Fixed crash with specific gif files and color table quirks - [in_mp3] Fixed crash on missing genre string with pledit shift e dialog - [ml_disc] Fixed buffer size issue null object crash fixes from crash reports - [ml_local] auto-resize the combobox widths on the add/edit view dialog - [ml_local/history/pmp] Added F8 to refresh current search - [ml_local] Fixed weird character display in Edit Query Choose Time dialog menu - [ml_local] Fixed path handling incorrectly dropping the initial 'm' - [ml_online/om Browser] Fixed lang pack issues with the custom online services support - [ml_playlists] Fixed issue with deleting playlists via ml tree - [ml_playlists] Fixed reported enqueue selection issues - [ml_playlists] Remove invalid characters from playlist name on export - [Unicode Taskbar Fix] v3.6 to fix display issues with some output plugins (e.g.

out_burst.dll) - Misc: General buffer init tweaks - Misc: A plethora of extra param checks & various crash fixes from crash reports - Misc: Various other tweaks/fixes/optimizations - Lang Pack updates: General cleanups for all lang packs (removed unused hash sections, accelerator tables, dead plugins & png resources) - - Spanish & French: Fixed Accelerator tables (e.g.

) * Updated: [enc_fhgaac] Fraunhofer AAC Encoder v3.02.16 * Updated: [enc/in_vorbis] libogg 1.3.1 * Updated: [gen_jumpex] JTFE v1.32 * Updated: [in_wave] libsndfile 1.0.25 _______________________________________________________________________________ Notes The Pro & Full installers are the same for this release (No Open Candy/Emusic/AOLSearch/Toolbar).

This is the best release of Winamp ever, imo, but let's just hope & pray that it's not the last...

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