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Later that night he texted: “Night strictly bitness.’’ The incident wasn’t the first with Teague.

I provided them with many of Teague’s text messages.

At age 32, he’s on his sixth NHL team and third in the past 11 months.

While he’s counting on his meat-and-potatoes defense to endear him to another fresh set of teammates, the Wild values his willingness to play big brother to Mike Reilly and Gustav Olofsson, the youngsters trying to win a place on the roster.

But over time the tone of the messages slowly changed, particularly at night.

When he first arrived at the university we would communicate via texts, mostly about athletics.

That’s why, in light of the brave women who did step up, I decided to put my name behind my story in hopes that it will never happen again. I deeply regret to now learn that a reporter covering the University was also subject to this type of deplorable behavior and I extend a sincere apology to Ms. The two reports that led to Friday’s resignation were the first of their kind to be reported to the University's Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office and President's Office, and the University took swift action.

They talked being supportive, overcoming insecurities, and being competitive to the extreme in their Body Issue feature.

Being the new guy isn’t anything unusual for Kyle Quincey.

It could have forced me to take another beat, perhaps out of sports; to change my career path in a way I never planned. -- EDITORS’ NOTE: In editing Rayno’s story, the Star Tribune confirmed key elements of Rayno’s account with a former human resources officer and by reviewing human resources documents related to the matter, including copies of text messages sent and received by Rayno.

I was also concerned about how it would look were the information to get leaked. But as I reread his texts to me and the ones that were released Friday, I regret not doing more initially, especially now that I know Teague continued to harass women. Star Tribune editors on Sunday also sought reaction to Amelia Rayno’s account from former athletic director Norwood Teague and the University of Minnesota. Here is University President Eric Kaler’s response: I am disappointed to learn of an additional report of sexual harassment against the former director of Gopher Athletics.

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