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Then, on November 19, 2004, Xanga extended its support of multiple profile pictures to comment icons; now Xanga users could choose which profile picture they wanted to appear next to each of their comments.

Then on April 6, 2006, Xanga upgraded its profiles to offer traditional social networking features—including the ability to connect with friends, to search for friends, and to fill out profile fields.

If a casual web browser who is not logged into a Xanga wished to view someone's Xanga, he or she would first have to log into a registered account, or else he or she would see only a page indicating that that user has chosen to "lock" their Xanga.

Xanga Lock also prevents the site from being indexed by Search Engines.

Some members have also chosen to post their entries entirely with pictures and photos.

This has been made possible after the introduction to photoblogging.

Comments were added soon after, on December 8, 2000, along with the concept of "e Props", which a user can give to another user's entry as a sign of how much he or she has enjoyed the entry.

Two "e Props" is the maximum amount that can be given.

Eventually, new profile features such as friends, "nudges", and chatboards that resemble Facebook were added. All Xanga members receive a "Xanga Site", a web site made up of a weblog, a photoblog, a videoblog, an audioblog, a "Pulse" (mini-blog), and a social networking profile.

Then, on April 7, 2005, Xanga overhauled its photo system to increase picture quality and picture size, as well as to increase capacity for the system overall.

On September 9, 2005, web-based batch uploading of photos was added; on September 26, 2005, all Xanga Classic members were given 1 gigabyte of free photo storage and Premium members were increased to two gigabytes of storage.

Xanga first added an email subscriptions feature on November 30, 2000.

In January 2001, this was followed by the ability to subscribe to a site using a web-based reader using RSS (and the ability to display subscriptions on one's site).

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