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Marketing teams spend months preparing for a game launch, buying television time, magazine ads and radio ads and these must be all pre-planned months in advance and at great expense.

That is a huge burden to the industry if retailers keep ignoring street dates and releasing early.

For the future of street date integrity JB Hi Fi needs to be dealt with harshly by the publisher if this turns out to be true.

Or else what's to stop EB or GAME breaking as soon as they get a game saying, 'well it's going to happen anyway'. It is rare that the UK features a street date break and even rarer in New Zealand.

Padilla plans to strike out on his own, but hasn’t divulged what exactly he will be pursuing in his solo career.

If we had no street dates you would see these three most likely having games on shelves three or four days before anyone else leaving the smaller retailers who have to go through middle distributors a bit out of pocket and at a completely unfair disadvantage because they can’t afford to have a major warehouse with huge logistic operations.

Then I started to work on the other side of the fence in the industry and in the media, and saw the effect that street date breaks have on the industry. Do the stores have a lack of respect for the gaming industry, thinking the industry needs them more than need the industry?

In this age of digital downloads retailers should be doing everything they can to keep the publishers happy.

“As scary as this is, I am excited because I know that no matter what happens, I am following what’s true to me and what I’m passionate about.

I hope to see you all on my journey.” Hecox praised his friend of 19 years and wished him well — but noted that he’s fully committed to Smosh.

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