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Assuming you set the view to resize with its window, whilst the white background will enlarge, the actual paths won’t change.This is easy to rectify: The view will now ‘live resize’ itself as would be expected.There are many different ways to go about displaying such a chart; what follows is the path I decided to take.You may have different suggestions, in which case please feel free to make comments.Since it isn’t only the changing of data that can cause a view to be told to draw itself, we’ll ‘cache’ these paths in an array held by the view, updating them only if the data changes.To make it easy to color each segment we’ll maintain a static class array of colors, generated randomly when needed, such that additional instances of our class can also use the same colors.To be able to display our information in the view, the view needs to maintain its own store of the data.

We also need a method to access this paths array, and a method that will regenerate it when necessary.In this post I’ll walk through writing a custom subclass of NSView that can bind to an NSArray Controller to display information either from some generic array connected to the array controller, or from a Core Data object model.The view we’ll be creating is a custom view to display a pie-chart; in the sample app the pie-chart will be drawn from data entered in an NSTable View.At this point you should have a pretty functional, bindable pie-chart view.For such a view it would make sense to create an Interface Builder palette so that the bindings can be setup visually in Interface Builder rather having to do it programmatically; this may well be a topic for a future post!

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