My sexy wife chat bedste datingsider i danmark Odense

Curious as to what she was talking about, and what he was doing, I quietly got out of bed and stood at the top of the stairs to listen in on their conversation.“Oh wow! ” I heard my wife say sounding very excited.“This thing is hard as steel!” I heard my wife giggle.“I knew there was something going on between them!Arguing with her after she has been drinking was pointless. I laid in bed away for a while, but I couldn’t get back to sleep.My wife was still downstairs with Reggie and I didn’t like the idea of them getting all comfortable with each other on the couch with how drunk they were.

I can’t go home without it." Reggie spoke for her.“Alright, then he can stay here on the couch for tonight,” I said.“Thanks, man,” Reggie said smiling.“Go on upstairs Hun, and I’ll be up in a little while,” my wife added.“Why, it’s already two in the morning. ” I questioned.“I’m going to stay down here for a while and keep Reggie company,” she replied.“What?” I scoffed.“Well, he has never been here before and I don’t want to be rude,” she said nervously.“Whatever.Keep it down so I can get some sleep,” I said as I turned to head back upstairs.” I asked.“I wanted to know how big he was, and if he was really that hard,” she replied.“I can’t believe you were fondling another man’s dick in our house! It’s not like I made him cum,” she replied.“Didn’t make him cum , you mean?Who knows what would have happened if I hadn't interrupted you,” I said.“Nothing, I swear! Just go back upstairs to bed,” she explained.“Yeah sure, you sounded way too excited about how hard his dick was,” I said.“It was just a surprise.

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