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The story is good enough to keep you interested, even if you are not a romatic.

See it for Doyles' photgraphy and the great action sequences.

I like his continuing thread with comparing "us" to "them" and how we are alike (eating our own). House of Flying Daggers - I thought this was superior to "Hero" (I felt betrayed that many of the fights were "faked" or "imagined") and I didn't care for the political, we really are getting something more in-line with Crouching Tiger - a marial-arts love story.

I was shocked and impressed at the level or gore he got away with.

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Kay / Viewed: 02/04/05 / BT Charlie and the Chocolate Factory / *** / PG / Dir: Tim Burton / Viewed: 07/16/05 / BT Charlie's Party / ** / NR / Dir: Catherine Cahn / Viewed: 06/15/05 / BT Constantine / * / R / Dir: Francis Lawrence / Viewed: 02/18/05 / OR Crash / *** / R / Dir: Paul Haggis / Viewed: 05/08/05 / SS Cube Zero / * / R / Dir: Ernie Barbarash / Viewed: 02/22/05 / H Cursed / * / PG-13 / Dir: Wes Craven / Viewed: 02/25/05 / OR Devil's Rejects, The / *** / R / Dir: Rob Zombie / Viewed: 06/17/05 / BT Fantastic Four / * / PG-13 / Dir: Tim Story / Viewed: 07/15/05 / BT Hitch / ** / PG-13 / Dir: Andy Tennant / Viewed: 03/03/05 / OR Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The / ** / PG / Dir: Garth Jennings / 04/29/05 / BT House of Wax / * / R / Dir: Jaume Serra / Viewed: 05/11/05 / BT Inside Deep Throat / ** / NC-17 / Dir(s): Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato / Viewed: 03/04/05 / BT Island, The / *** / PG-13 / Dir: Michael Bay / Viewed: 07/09/05 / CO Jacket, The / ** / R / Dir: John Maybury / Viewed: 03/04/05 / VS Kicking and Screaming / ** / PG / Dir: Jesse Dylan / Viewed: 05/12/05 / BT Kung Fu Hustle / *** / R / Dir: Stephen Chow / Viewed: 05/17/05 / GV Land of the Dead / *** / R / Dir: George A. But Lou Pucci could be the next Johnny Depp, Tilda Swinton and Vincent D'Onofrio are very good, and Chase Offerle turns a thankless role into something memorable. Sahara - ** Matthew Mc Conaughey is the most dashing movie star that isn't. Hustle & Flow - *1/2 Simultaneously too pompous (this is the black experience) and safe(a non-abusive pimp with a heart of gold) to be enjoyed as pulp, the film carries the dangerous message that success is grounded only by playing the game by the rules already in place: to perpetuate your own stereotypes. Scale: from to * * * * * I will include as 2005 movies, 2004 foreign films that did not get a US distributor until 2005. Grizzly Man Havoc The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Howl's Moving Castle (Japan) The Island Lord of War Madagascar Memoirs of a Geisha Mrs. Red Eye - Gets a 2 only because the last 20 minutes were bearable. () Wedding Crashers () Brothers Grimm () Cursed () Fantastic Four () Guess Who () Hide and Seek () High Tension () Hostage () Lord of War () Rent () Cave ()Rankings for me so far: Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Cinderella Man Batman Begins Assault on Precinct 13 Sin City Mr and Mrs Smith The Island Million Dollar Baby Hitch Kingdom of Heaven War of the Worlds Sahara The Longest Yard The Interpreter Bewitched Hide and Seek The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Monster-in-Law The Pacifier Elektra White Noise Haven't seen too many films in the theater this year but here goes: Out of ***** Amityville HOrror: *** Hostage: ***1/2 Sin City **** Star Wars: *** Mr. Smith: **** Land of The Dead: *** War of The Worlds: ***** Batman Begins: *****best in order: land of the dead **** war of the worlds ***1/2 mysterious skin ***1/2 me and you and everyone we know ***1/2 melinda and melinda ***1/2 my date with drew ***1/2 wedding crashers, the *** sin city *** the devil's rejects *** happy endings *** dominion: prequel to the exorcist *** the nomi song *** off the map *** a hole in my heart *** heights *** herbie: fully loaded *** imaginary heroes *** the interpeter *** house of wax *** charlie and the chocolate factory *** the mediocre in alphabetical order: the bad news bears **1/2 batman begins **1/2 d.e.b.s. I recently bought the deluxe DVD set, watched it again with some of the extras, and it didn't change my mind. Very funny, visually beautiful and in keeping with the spirit of the book. Several excellent performances, great directing, exciting, intelligent... As a big fan of the books I certainly had qualms with some of the additions (and omissions,) but overall I thought it turned out much better than I had originally feared. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - I'm a big Gene Wilder fan, but I enjoyed this much more than the original. Batman Begins - With the exception of Burton's original "Batman," I've never really enjoyed any renditions of the "Batman" story - But I found this to be a wonderful film. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed this film. Wait, maybe this should be a little higher on my list :) Land of the Dead - Romero Zombies......can't say much else. Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith - 9/10 2. "WC" has the typical Hollywood cliches, but Vaughn just rules like we haven't seen since "Swingers". I think "40YOG" will hold up better over time, but I want to see them both a second time....I would want to watch them again merits placement on the list. It had two hot stars, was on every tv show, tabloid, internet site, etc. In the end, we are treated to a romp of a good movie. A Man Escaped Chente - hey there, putting this here cause i don't have your email.....sure if you're into the trading game at all, but i have a few criterions coming in a deal (8 1/2, Alphaville, 39 Steps, Umberto D) that i will be trading....wondered if you had any interest in them.....have several that interest me....anyway, drop me a line if interested, thanks....i can always add cash also or buy outright [email protected]Movies I saw theatrically in 2005: 1.

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