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One of the most interesting aspects of the Harmony range of remote controls is that not only are they configured from a computer, but that the whole system is centrally hosted by Logitech.This makes the remotes very customisable, as well as allowing you to benefit from a constantly expanding library of control codes.The whole process can take some time and a lot of trial and error.Logitech present you with a vast range of choices and it can be difficult deciding exactly what a piece of equipment is: The basic process is to first add the devices in your system.

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Rather than control your equipment device-by-device (which it can do), you instead choose an activity such as ‘Watch a DVD’ and the buttons on the control will operate all equipment necessary to perform that activity.

Once you have devices you can then group them together into activities.

The software does a good job at suggesting activities for you, reducing some of the work, and at the end you can tune the settings manually.

Making use of this is generally a painless operation, although sometimes with mixed results.

The package comes with a standard USB cable which plugs in to the front of the control (via a removable rubber plug).

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