Kabbalah dating

John Sweeney, the BBC reporter, who knows me of old, had visited me at the hospital and knew that I had done covert camera work before. This job, he explained, concerned a curious religious outfit called the Kabbalah Centre, which claimed, among other things, that its Kabbalah water was blessed with "miraculous powers of restoration and healing" and that its Zohar books, the core texts of Kabbalah which they marketed, did you good, too.

They operated from a £3.65 million property off Bond Street in central London, and names such as Madonna and Britney Spears were mentioned as supporters.

And thus far, only very few people have engaged in it through the generations, but it’s been around for four and half thousand years.

But now, it is evolving and emerging because, now, we need this wisdom.

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So what Kabbalah does is enables us to see those threads, those forces that create a picture of the world and how we can, using this knowledge, tie the picture in the correct way.

their egos constantly grow even through one’s personal life. We’re changing the world around us and it’s all because your augmentation of the ego.

But now, we’re in a situation that our ego has become so overblown, that it’s become global, integral.

We are under one law and the whole of humanity is like one family.

And we need to get along as members of the same family.

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