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For 0, you can get the kit with a 14-karat gold ring. “For generations, if women wanted to have economic stability and a socially sanctioned sex life or children, there was enormous social and economic pressure to do that within marriage,” she says. are married — a record low — according to a 2011 study from the Pew Research Center.“Personally, as someone who lived for many years single and then did get married, I know that the kind of affirmation I got for getting married was unlike anything I’d ever had in any other part of my life.” That, she adds, is “incredibly unjust.”Marriage (to another person) is on the decline. In 1960, 72 percent of adults age 18 and older were married, while today, just 51 percent are wed.People are waiting longer to marry as well: The median age at first marriage is at a new high for brides (26.5 years) and grooms (28.7 years). “It’s left over from centuries of one kind of marriage pattern and one path for women,” Traister says.

For the decor: an array of shot glasses emblazoned with the words “You and Me.” In each one, a red rose.“It wasn’t an easy decision,” she'd noted on the wedding invitations. In Canada, a service called Marry Yourself Vancouver launched this past summer, offering consulting services and wedding photography.

In Japan, a travel agency called Cerca Travel offers a two-day self-wedding package in Kyoto: You can choose a wedding gown, bouquet, and hairstyle, and pose for formal wedding portraits.

On the website I Married Me, you can buy a DIY marriage kit: For , you get a sterling silver ring, ceremony instructions, vows, and 24 “affirmation cards” to remind you of your vows over time.

“We’re set up as a culture to treat marriage as the most exciting thing you’ll ever do in your life,” she says.

“But if you marry yourself, you can say: My life is just as meaningful as the life of the person who happens to be getting married.” Erika had been married once before, to her college sweetheart. “When you’re single, society tells you that you are a woman who has not been chosen by someone else,” she says. It was an act of defiance.”Not that she has anything against happy couples.

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