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Then the cops turn off the A/C, using the sultry summer weather to their advantage.

In the end, Sal gets a bullet in the head in an air-conditioned patrol car.

In this British flick, both the Americans and the Soviets detonate nuclear devices, which throws Earth off of its axis and puts it on a collision course toward the sun. Fun fact: The babydoll nightgown got its name from this movie.

Filmmakers sometimes use Vaseline to make characters look sweaty on screen.

In fact, she's only hanging in his apartment because it's air-conditioned.

It all happens in the middle of a heat wave: a couple sleeps out on the fire escape, a young woman dances in her underwear and a thermometer reads 94 degrees.Yet, Grace Kelly, the director's favorite icy blonde, looks as cool as ever. The girl (Marilyn Monroe) keeps her underwear in the icebox.The guy (Tom Ewell) thinks the girl is warming up to his advances.And it's why the iconic ripped T-shirt worn by Marlon Brando is so damp and sweaty when he yells, "Stella-a-a-a!"Another Tennessee Williams drama, this one takes place on a plantation in Mississippi, in the oppressive summer humidity, and tensions among its three main characters doesn't exactly cool things down.

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