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“As long as these websites are around, paid sites will suffer.”The industry also took a hit when another technological advance ended up going completely bust: 3D.

Studios thought 3D content would help bring in new paid subscribers that had gotten used to free porn.

Like virtual reality development in general, adult content creation has seen plenty of false starts.

Here as elsewhere, plenty of the biggest companies are sitting things out for now, waiting for startups to figure out the messy details.

There are three questions people tend to ask when virtual reality comes up in conversation. After all, porn has always been on the cutting edge of technological innovation.

(Though plenty might, and that's fine too.) They’re simply curious about how it will adapt to this new format.

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Virtual reality, though, may present its biggest challenge yet.“Research and development requires capital, and we need an example of a viable product before the major players will invest,” Helmy said.“We tried Google Cardboard in January of 2015,” said Todd Glider, CEO of Ba Doink, which bills itself as “the #1 Virtual Reality porn site.“We were shocked how good it was, really blown away at how immersive the experience was.Footage also needs to be 60 frames per second, so it’s comfortable to watch in VR; higher framerates are more likely to make a user feel immersed in a scene, as well as prevent motion sickness.Currently, Ba Doink films these scenes using a rig of Go Pro cameras, a pretty common technique for VR.

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