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A POF account is a great thing to have if you like to meet new people to spend good time with and if you fall in this category, we can help you out by walking you through the steps involved in the creation of a POF account so you can see what kind of fish you can acquaint yourself with in your area, so to speak. Now you will be prompted to upload a display picture. The process for making a POF account is pretty simple and effortless. These are case sensitive so fill them in correctly. Tick the window below the registration form to agree to POF terms of service. It’s a wonderful way to meet singles around you are and just them send them a text.POF walks you through a process to help you meet new likeminded individuals, so it’s easier for you to reel them in. This step can be skipped if you don’t want to add a picture to your account. After uploading your picture, your account is ready to use. That’s it, you can now meet hundreds of single people just by the aid of this site. The POF available is on the store for Windows phone, Android and IPhone IOS. Install the app onto your device from the designated store. Here are the steps that you need to sign up for POF account. Sending messages in POF is completely free which is an added bonus definitely (who doesn’t like free stuff).This is the first sign that this user is a top prospect for me. Now, POF thinks we have something in common and share a mutual interest in each other. You see, John and I sent a few messages back and forth about growing up in Central New York. But because we viewed each other’s profiles and messaged a few times, the system thinks we are a top match.Here’s the thing: your top prospect listings are not going to be as conclusive as your primary match listings because they are based on different criteria.From both my own experience and research, I have concluded that the POF Top Prospect feature is not that useful.Most users reported that they had little to no interest in 80% of the prospects labeled.Features on an online dating website are a lot like an As Seen on TV gadget.They look shiny and helpful but more often than not, they are a waste of your time or money.

A top prospect is a user who the site algorithm has determined to be a possible best match for you.Here is all you need to know on how to login and make an account on POF. On the extreme right side of the screen, you will see a window. Fill in your username and password in this window and you can also use your email instead of username to login. To make a strong password consider using both upper and lower case alphabets, add numbers and special characters; try to do whatever possible to make it harder to guess by other people.Now that you know the benefits of having a POF login account. If you already have an account on POF; then follow these steps in order to access it. Username is pretty permanent so let’s not type in one that might get you looks in the long run; think hard before deciding your username because it will be your identity on the site and app.Next, POF uses your profile views and communication efforts to determine that these matches could be a good fit.For example, user John looked at my profile three times and said “yes” on the Meet Me feature.

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