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Let the experts help you trace your ancestors From Metropolitan policemen to convicts transported to Australia, our selection of practical guides show you the websites and archives that will help you find your forebears.

& Banns: 1754-1936 Lancashire Parish Records: 1500s-1800s Lancashire Deaths & Burials: 1813-1986 Liverpool Baptisms: 1813-1906 Liverpool Bapt, marr, Burials: 1659-1812 Liverpool Marr.

So don't expect miracles and if you are expecting to find someone in the Dorset collection on Findmypast, for example, and they're not there, it doesn't mean they weren't in Dorset.

Knowing the parish your ancestor is likely to have been in is still important, even if it is just to back up something you’ve found online.

Now, as more and more registers are being digitised, indexed or transcribed and those results are going into searchable databases online, it’s all getting easier. Only a small proportion of parish registers are online.

In fact, let me add two words of warning, not all parish registers have survived.

& Banns: 1754-1910 Warwickshire Burials: 1813-1910 W.

'Blackmore Area Local History' is a website and partner blog covering local history, social history and family history in mid Essex. ‘Essex Ancestors’ is an online collection of digitised pages made available as a pay-per-view service by the Essex Record Office .

Parish: 1538-1912 Norfolk Bishop's Transcripts: 1685-1941 Norfolk Register of Electors: 1844-1952 Norfolk Parish Registers: 1510-1997 Sussex Parish Registers: 1538-1910 Warwickshire Parish Registers: 1535-1984 Westminster Rate Books: 1634-1900 Ancestry All England Select Births & Baptisms: 1538-1975 Army WWI Medal Rolls: 1914-1920 Army WWI Pension Records: 1914-1920 British Chancery Records: 1386-1558 Criminal Registers: 1791-1892 England, Wales Birth Index: 1916-2005 England, Wales Christenings: 1530-1906 England, Wales Marriages: 1538-1940 England, Wales Death Index: 1916-2007 Free BMD Birth Index: 1837-1915 Free BMD Marriage Index: 1837-1915 Free BMD Death Index: 1837-1915 National Probate Calendar: 1858-1966 Nonconformist Registers: 1567-1970 /Birmingham Bapt.: 1813-1912 Birmingham Bapt., Marr., Bur: 1538-1812 Birmingham Burials: 1813-1964 Bristol Parish Records: 1538-1900 Cornwall Parish Records: 1538-2010 Dorset Births and Baptisms: 1838-1906 Dorset Bapt., Marr., Burials: 1538-1812 Dorset Parish Registers: 1538-1910 Dorset Deaths, Burials: 1813-2010 Dorset Electoral Registers: 1839-1922 Essex Parish Registers: 1538-1900 Kent Parish Registers: 1538-1874 Lancashire Births, Baptisms: 1538-1812 Lancashire Bapt., Marr., Burials: 1538-1812 Lancashire Marr.

Index: 1837-2007 /Bristol Parish Registers: 1538-1900 Chelsea Pensioner's Records: 1760-1913 Cheshire Bishop's Transcripts: 1837-2007 Cheshire Land Tax: 1778-1832 Cheshire Marriage Bonds: 1606-1900 Cheshire Nonconformist: 1671-1900 Cheshire Parish Registers: 1538-2000 Cheshire Probate Records: 1492-1940 Cheshire Register of Electors: 1842-1900 Cheshire School Records: 1796-1950 Cornwall, Devon Parish Reg.: 1538-2010 Derbyshire Parish Registers: 1537-1918 Devon Bishop's Transcripts: 1558-1887 Devon Parish Registers: 1538-1912 Dorset Parish Registers: 1538-1936 Essex Parish Registers: 1503-1997 Kent Parish Registers: 1538-1911 Kent Reg. Parish Reg.: 1603-1910 Lancashire Cemetery Registers: 1797-2004 Lancashire Parish Registers: 1538-1910 London Electoral Registers: 1847-1913 Manchester Misc.: 1700-1916 Middlesex, Westmin.

Apparently, a ship’s surgeon called Seacole was in attendance, and he was persuaded to act as the father at the christening.

Also in attendance, it was said, was a gentleman ‘with an eye patch and an empty sleeve to his jacket’.

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