Conservative dating tips

I want to thank all my kind and generous donors who got me through this challenge.

However, I must apologize that most of the donation notices Pay Pal sent me did not include the donor’s email address, so I couldn’t send them a thank you email and the gift report I promised to all donors. I am very grateful to everyone who donates to support my work.

Become that person and you’ll attract that person as well.

Now “gender” is a mis-direct used by transgender activists, a shell game they can use to keep well-intentioned people busy looking for a pea that isn’t there while their pockets are being picked. There are dimorphic sexed bodies, there are stereotypes of what is masculine or feminine, nothing else. I want to thank my dear friend, Stacy Mc Cain, for rallying his readers to donate the money I needed today to keep my internet service turned on.

It was a scam from the beginning to give priority to stereotypes of public presentation over physiology. Money evaded exposure as a fraud and an abuser for over forty years. He must live in the world of men and his pronouns are he, him, his.

It’s astonishingly self-aware, and is the kind of letter I wish I received more, instead of the one blaming men for all the ills of the world.

Then you read this letter by Emily Bracken posted on Medium and reposted on Huff Po. I’m around the corner, down the street, on Facebook, in your office, at our local coffee shop, a complete stranger. In the meantime, which of the things on Emily’s list will you admit to?

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