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Weighing up who deserved to go, he countered: Elizabeth, I can't believe that you just put the phone down, and you said 'I've got no clue what that conversation was about.' You should have got back on and said 'Look I need some costs, I need some understanding.'"He continued: " I do feel that the failure of this task was down to the promises made to the client."Having said all that, Siobhan, not having a strategy, when this is your area of expertise; over-ordering is really a crime as far as I'm concerned."On that basis Siobhan, I regret to say that you're fired."So, Siobhan was on the receiving end of Lord Sugar's firing finger this week, taking her wheel-y suitcase and leaving the other candidates to breathe a sigh of relief...

's Andrew Brady makes a bit of a mess of things in tonight's (November 22) episode.

"She's a proven entrepreneur so there's a good chance he might invest in her.

She has a good chance of winning the show," he told Digital Spy.

With the Women's FA Cup Final on the horizon, each team was required to set up a VIP hospitality box As the boys' team had suffered three losses - and therefore three firings - Lord Sugar allowed them to choose a girl from the other team to even out the numbers. Siobhan put herself forward as project manager for Team Graphene and with no other offers (literally, not one), she promptly went about choosing some entertainment for the corporate box.Project manager Siobhan chose Elizabeth and Joanna to return with her to the boardroom and, of course, bickering soon erupted as the girls turned on each other.Siobhan largely blamed Elizabeth, who, in turn, blamed team leader Siobhan - but Lord Sugar had his mind made up."Siobhan, there were fundamental errors made that an events manager would not make," he said.Needless to say, Sarah Lynn is not impressed by his mistake: "I didn't think it went well.Andrew swore in front of the client which mortified me."However, it doesn't actually stop them winning the contract as they pitched a lower price than Team Graphene...

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