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See our list of the world’s quirkiest camps for adults.

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The fun lasts past sundown, when campers can let loose during the obligatory talent show and a DJ-led late-night disco. Breathe in the West Coast air (or check out their new Southeast outpost in North Carolina), and take time to look around. (The camp’s accommodations consist of small vintage cabins and a bunkhouse, all of which look largely the same as they did 90 years ago.) The activities here are strictly make-your-own; this is more of a camp-style rental than it is an organized camp experience, and no food or drink is provided.Consider the Crush Camp experience at Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines in California.The three-day intensive program teaches students how to take wine from vine to glass while feasting on gourmet food.In December 2003, as he was turning 50, Hofstetter dreamed that he was in a rock and roll camp, jamming with artists that he adored.Seeing it as a sign, he enrolled in the Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy Camp, a five-day fantasy-come-true program in New York City founded and run by tour producer David Fishof (who also operates camps in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and London). Roger Daltrey taught me 'Pin Ball Wizard.' That’s a true fantasy," says Hofstetter. No matter what your fantasy may be—to become an astronaut on a shuttle mission, an elephant trainer, even a ghost hunter—chances are there is a program or camp waiting for you.

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